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Wish you could...


  • Are you ready to make the leap to a new level in your career?

  • Do you want to land your dream job and make the impact you know you are here to make?

  • Are you feeling stuck in your current role, industry or company?

  • Have you ever felt your amazingness just gets lost in a sea of applicants, and find yourself losing out on positions that seem tailor-made for you?

  • Do you wish someone could help you get the competitive advantage?


We know how it feels and

we're here to help!

We feel you. Heck, we’ve been you.

Which is why we created the Career Catalyst VIP Experience, using all of our combined knowledge, skills, research and real-life experience as applicants and hiring managers.

We are firm believers in the opportunity we each have to make a real impact in this world through our work. That’s why we created this program to help you identify your dream role and give you the personalized strategies and tools you need to land that position, make that move, start that new chapter.

Recently, our co-founder Jean Moody used our proven strategies to land

her dream role as a Vice President in her large financial corporation.

Let us show you how.

"Jean and Dianne help women move forward in their careers and in life. They helped me land my dream role! Invest in yourself - you won’t regret it!”

Kris Jackson
VP, Sales Learning and Development


Tailored Guidance: The Career Catalyst VIP Experience offers personalized coaching and guidance specifically designed for successful women who want to elevate their careers. It provides tailored strategies and support to address their unique challenges and goals.

Confidence Building: The program focuses on building confidence and overcoming self-doubt. It empowers women to embrace their worth, believe in their abilities, and approach interviews and career opportunities with self-assurance.

Expert Strategies: The Career Catalyst VIP Experience provides access to expert strategies and techniques for interview success. Participants will learn proven tactics, such as the bookend process and SAR format, to craft compelling interview statements that impress employers.

Resume Enhancement: The program includes personalized resume and cover letter reviews to ensure your application materials effectively showcase your achievements, skills, and experiences to present your qualifications in a compelling and impactful way.

Personal Branding: The Career Catalyst VIP Experience helps participants develop a strong personal brand that aligns with their career goals. They will learn how to differentiate themselves, create a powerful professional presence, and attract the attention of employers.

Competitive Advantage: By joining the program, women gain a competitive edge in the job market. They receive insider knowledge and guidance on how to position themselves as the best candidate and stand out among other applicants.

The Career Catalyst VIP Experience is a full day devoted to you. Your dreams, your materials, your strategies and your success. We can meet with you in person if you live in Southern CA or we can meet virtually. We create a customized agenda for each client so we can maximize our time together.

Don't miss out on upcoming job openings, promotions, or career opportunities that align with your aspirations. By investing in yourself now, you'll be ready to seize these opportunities with confidence, knowing you have the necessary tools and strategies at your disposal.


This course is for you if...

You are on fire to reach that next level in your career and want expert guidance to get there

You want the competitive advantage and C-level strategies to make you THE irresistible candidate

You want to ace that interview with confidence, preparation and unforgettable presence

We want you to nail that interview, whenever it happens. In addition to the full day VIP Experience, you will receive a 1-hour personal coaching session in advance of your scheduled interview to review and practice the tools and strategies you learned.


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